Our Mission

Saving dogs one T- shirt at a time by donating T-shirt funds back to
Animal Rescue Groups!
Zuzu’s Petals is an online tee shirt company inspired by Zuzu the rescue dog, and all her friends that need a hand. Zuzu’s Petals represents a second chance that many rescues throughout the South are giving dogs & cats that were rescued as strays, on the end of chains or from overcrowded shelters. Some may know Zuzu, the daughter of George Bailey, from the classic film, It’s a Wonderful Life. In a moment of despair when George thinks his life is worth nothing, an angel shows him how valuable he is to others. George realizes he has a lot to live for.  At that moment he finds Zuzu’s petals in his pocket, symbolic of his second chance, at a wonderful life. We believe ALL creatures great and small should have a chance at a wonderful life.  Zuzu's mom is a very active animal advocate  , which is why we wanted to create T-shirts for a good cause.  Southern rescues are often overwhelmed, mostly volunteer based, that always need fosters, adopters, and money for hefty vet bills to save animals in need.  See a few success stories below.
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