What groups is Zuzu helping? And why do groups need help?

August 12, 2016

What groups is Zuzu helping? And why do groups need help?

Zuzu's Petals Tees is currently raising money for the following rescues in the York County South Carolina area: Project Safe Pet, The Humane Society of York County, Animal Adoption League, Halfway There Rescue, Friends of York County Animal Shelter and Richardson Rescue!

Why do these groups need money?
Money is always needed for great dogs like little Olivia,  an 8 pound, 5 year old Yorkie mix, who was recently rescued from life on a chain. She, like so many other dogs forced to live in outdoor limited spaces have more medical issues because of their long term neglect.  Olivia had such a terrible skin infection that caused her fur to fall out and her skin to turn a blackish color rather than the healthy pink it should have been. Luckily, after a committed foster nursed her back to health with daily bath treatments for a couple of months and antibiotics, she began to grow fur and started to  feel much more comfortable. Unfortunately, Olivia was also heart worm positive from being outside 24/7 and not on heart worm  preventative. She just finished up her treatment and is now off to a wonderful inside home where she will be a part of a family! Olivia's situation is like that of many dogs that live outside 24/7 in the south. Heart worm treatments are very costly and take a couple of months to treat. Rescues want to help dogs like Olivia, but the expense is always a huge burden that many rescues cannot afford.  For every shirt that is purchased 30% net profit is donated. Please spread the word! Saving Dogs one T-Shirt at a time!

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