Thankful for Our Rescue Community

December 06, 2016

Thankful for Our Rescue Community

Thankful for Our Rescue Community

100% of the proceeds from every shirt will be donated to 6 rescues groups through the end of December. Help us contribute to these great groups that put their hearts and souls into rescue every day! 

When asked if rescues and individuals would like to participate in a grassroots project for a small community that only a few years ago did not have running water, we were shocked by the dozens of people that offered their time and/or donations. Multiple rescues donated items and raised money for supplies to improve the quality of life for the animals and their owners. The owners were so grateful, giving hugs and working with us to make improvements. This area is definitely off the grid and has been for generations. It was heartwarming to see how everyone jumped in to accomplish so much:

  • Set up trolley lines for dogs that were previously tangled in their tethers 
  • Provided solid doghouses with straw and shavings for warmth 
  • Applied flea treatment to the dogs 
  • Set up cat houses filled with straw
  • Spread straw for the chickens and pigs to stay dry
  • Expanded pig pens with kennel panels to allow movement
  • Cleaned pig pens 
  • Provided food for pet owners and their pets

 All the dogs are now spayed and neutered and a plan is being made to trap, neuter, and release the 30 plus cats. We are hoping to find sanctuaries or free range farms to help the pigs as well.

Progress continues as we work together. I am thankful for the dedicated rescue community in our little corner of South Carolina.


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August 26, 2018

Where do the proceeds go now, because you state 100% goes to 6 rescue groups until December 2016?

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