A Day in the Life of Rescue

June 27, 2016

A Day in the Life of Rescue

A.M. Ran by to drop fly medicine for a pit bull with fly eaten ears in the community. He lives on a trolley line. He perked up when I arrived, ready for a treat. I treated his ears, told the owner it needed to be done daily to clear up, and please make sure to keep the feces out of the yard.

Drove around the block, tossed some pitiful pit bulls, in small pens, a “busy bone” to at least let them have some small pleasure. We have called Animal Control on them multiple times, so at least their pens were clean today.

Walked back across the street to a house, where we have fixed their three dogs, built a much larger enclosure, and extended and fixed the trolley line for the 3rd dog outside of the enclosure. Realized the poor little guy Colby was stuck, the wheel on his trolley line came off the track and he couldn’t reach his water Hopefully, he had not been this way for long. Quickly, figured out a solution for his trolley line, filled up his water bowl multiple times, gave him treats and a “busy bone”. Then turned around to the large enclosure with the mama dog and puppy we altered a month ago and gave them treats, more water and “busy bones”. I noticed a large paint bucket, the tall ones you see at Home Depot. It was filled with water, so I dumped it out to stop the mosquito festival from continuing. OH WOW !!!! Out of the gush of water comes a LARGE wild turtle that has been trying to survive in that narrow bucket??? He could barely turn around. Quickly I grabbed the turtle, put him in the back of my car (thank god I have a rubber mat) Oh no! I have to visit Sam, the Yorkie who lives across the street (we neutered him, and built a large fenced-in enclosure for Sam, since the cute 12 pounder was chained). He sees I’m across the street. I must at least give him a treat and rub his head. Hoping someday the woman will surrender him to me. Now I have to hurry and get the turtle to my neighborhood lake! I stop at the lake, release the big guy and enjoy a brief moment of excitement for my turtle friend's new found freedom. I swear he does a happy swim dance for me! Literally he swam around in circles lifting his head multiple times. I felt like I was witnessing Free Willy!

Late afternoon--- It’s time to stop by Ebenezer Animal Hospital to check on Shorty, who is a pitiful silky terrier mix that was taken into our rescue yesterday, at the request of the owner. Shorty was an inside dog, but his owner had a stroke. Her son took him and put him in a pen outside in our SC heat—YIKES!!! He is 9 years old, with a skin infection in 95 degrees! A volunteer picked him up yesterday and dropped him at our vet. The vet called earlier today to explain that during Shorty’s neuter he had to have most of his teeth extracted, well the ones that had not already fallen out, which is why you see some blood on the towel next to Shorty. Poor guy has been so uncomfortable! The hospital had to shave him while he was under, so his infection could better be treated. He is going to an awesome foster family that will be picking him up in a few hours. I’m so excited for him! 

As I walk into Ebenezer Animal Hospital, I’m greeted by the friendly staff . They say” Wow its raining puppies!” I’m thinking what puppies? I’m here to see Shorty. They explain there are 15 puppies from 2 litters that just came in! I call my rescue partner, who is exhausted. She says, “Yes I had to get them, the owner was going to give them out to anyone who would take them.” The second litter and mama dog were coming from the same rural county that is in desperate need of help. Now we have to do our foster juggling act. Who can take who? Who is on vacation? Who is taking a break? My brain is spinning, but as I go back to see Shorty, the poor toothless Silky terrier, and the 15 puppies, I see the vet and vet techs smiling faces, kissing puppies, oohing and aahing over them, Shorty still drugged from anesthesia is looking over at me from his kennel ----My spinning brain stops for a second, seeing the care, knowing how safe all these animals are now, and how they are on their journey to committed loving homes, reminds me that this day was not so bad after all, it was PRICELESS!

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