Meet Zuzu!

May 19, 2016

Meet Zuzu!

Welcome to Zuzu's Petals Tees! Our goal is to raise money for southern rescues, so we can give local dogs a second chance at life.  With every tee shirt sold we donate to rescues in the southeastern region.  The idea of Zuzu's Petals Tees came to founder, Alicia Schwartz who has been involved in animal rescue for 20 years.

Alicia moved to South Carolina almost 9 years ago noticing that  things desperately needed to change for dogs. Seeing a chained dog was such a common sight and many had become numb to the pitiful image. She began talking with people in the area and soon realized it wasn’t that people didn’t care, it was just that they had grown accustomed to seeing dogs chained or penned. Alicia was moving from Georgia where she had gotten involved with a national group that worked to improve the quality of life for backyard dogs. The group is called Dogs Deserve Better.  Their mission was to advocate for dogs who lived a life of solitary confinement on chains or in pens.  It gave her a platform to begin grassroots efforts to push for the change of local animal ordinances. To Alicia's delight she quickly discovered there were many people just like her, ready to work for humane living conditions for dogs.  They began to research and recruit people to go to council meetings to push for improvements of their community's ordinances. With much persistence and dedication, it worked! Currently, she is a board member of the group Project Safe Pet, which started a spay neuter program for residents in need. PSP works collaboratively with local groups, and networks hundreds of dogs and some cats to northern partner rescues. Also, she is on the board of Worthy Dog Rescue, based out of Northern VA. Worthy Dog helps mostly adult dogs, many that have come from terrible neglectful situations that require them to have heart worm treatment, and other medical needs met. In addition, they help to pay for community vet care for residents in need as well as spaying and neutering.

Pictured above is Zuzu, one of Alicia's beloved rescues and the inspiration for the company's name. Zuzu is 1 of Alicia's 4 rescue dogs.  She is a Beagle, Chihuahua, something-something mix who enjoys watching Animal Planet and the computer screen anytime a laptop is open. Her best buddy is a 3-legged Dachshund mix named Oliver. Her other friends include a shepherd mix named Zorro, and Penelope, a mischievous cattle dog mix with a nose like a blood hound. This happily diverse pack provides a lot of laughter and love to the family.


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